How is bamboo an alternative to plastic?

How is bamboo an alternative to plastic?

Bamboo has been used for centuries and for good reason. It's fast-growing, cheap to produce, ubiquitous, and versatile. It is easily and readily available. And so, it's already well-positioned to keep up with any growth in consumer and production demands.

It is also an eco-friendly renewable material. Therefore, as it is harvested, it can be replanted and grown again. Many species of Bamboo grown in the right conditions can reach maturity in a couple of months. Far faster than most trees which can take years or even decades.

There is also little need to use pesticides or fertilizers because Bamboo has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. To add to this, growing Bamboo typically uses less water than trees. Researchers suggest this is a result of better storage of water in the growing Bamboo shoots and less leaf foliage per plant.

What’s more, we can use it, plant more and help to reduce carbon emissions at the same time as bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than the equivalent volume of trees. Bamboo is also fully biodegradable and compostable. As a result, as any natural Bamboo products do get to the end of their useful lives, once discarded they will not take thousands of years to decompose. It is sustainable, does not take an age to decompose, and can be grown on a large scale. It can also help to offset CO2 emissions, which is another key benefit. Meanwhile, plastic is killing wildlife and marine life whilst also causing changes to our natural ecosystems. It is also littering our beaches. Plastic is a problem.

There’s little argument that we must make changes to help mitigate the pollution of our planet and Oceans with disposable single-use plastic. Therefore, we must increase our use of sustainable natural alternatives which biodegrade naturally.

Beco has developed product line that was going to bring a new transformation in eco-conscious households. From toothbrushes to dishwashing liquids, to bamboo toilet tissues Beco has an eco-friendly option for every home.

Bamboo Products

Beco aims to provide affordable sustainable products to every person, proving it wrong that saving the planet with climate-conscious and eco-friendly consumption comes at a huge cost. The company’s products are for daily use, reusable for a long period of time, and totally decomposable.

Beco focuses on creating products from materials that do not alter natural ecosystems: they are made of bamboo and some from cornstarch. The packaging is also sustainable, and there are also cloth bags made of natural fibers. Using these raw materials do not lead to habitat loss of any species via deforestation, as bamboo grows back in just four months.

Sustainable homes

Beco products are all natural and 100% plant based. The floor cleaners, infused with essential oils and traditional cleaning-agents lemon and mint, are safe for babies and even pets. The laundry cleaners and dishwashing liquids do not make your hands smell weird and are safe for your skin as well.

Beco advocates sustainable practices. Its innovations even include an eco- friendly, unbleached baking sheet – the first of its kind. The company takes the goal of a completely sustainable home very seriously. For that reason, it has expanded its product line to biodegradable garbage bags, tissues, kitchen towels and much more.

Beco makes its popular garbage bags from cornstarch and they are completely compostable. They don’t leak or tear, and are safe for dry or wet waste.

Beco’s bamboo-based tissues, that could also be used as baby wipes, are safe for sensitive skin. They are unbleached and chlorine-free like most of the company’s products. These light-brown tissues can also be used to remove make-up as they are safe for skin.

Make the change today and switch to sustainable eco- friendly bamboo products such as Bamboo Toothbrushes, Bamboo Kitchen Towel, Bamboo Buds, Bamboo Wet Wipes etc.


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